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WHAT IS IT? Now in its second academic year, #ZeroReasonsWhy is a story campaign and community mobilization effort led by teens who are telling their stories and taking action. What started in Johnson County, Kansas is now increasingly supported by teens, adults, and organizations from across the State of Kansas who wish to address the social and emotional wellbeing of teens. The campaign provides a framework for how the community can work together to create and strengthen a mental health continuum of care and remove the reasons why suicide would be an option for any teen.

“#ZeroReasonsWhy is mobilizing teen, parent, educator and practitioner stories around a community standard of care and prevention,” Johnson County Mental Health Center Director Tim DeWeese said. “By investing in community-wide initiatives like this campaign, we focus on empowering community members to take ac¬tion toward change to turn the tide on the increase in teen suicides.”
HOW IS IT FUNDED? The #ZeroReasonsWhy Campaign (#ZRW) in Johnson County is fiscally sponsored and managed by Johnson County Mental Health Center (JCMHC), whose mission is improving the quality of life for Johnson County residents by providing comprehensive mental health services driven by the needs of the persons served, as well as providing services of the highest possible quality that are easily accessible to all residents. As part of its mission, JCMHC has incorporated the #ZeroReasonsWhy Campaign as a collective impact project into its portfolio of initiatives and programming geared toward reducing, and ultimately ending, instances of teen suicides in Johnson County. JCMHC generously commits funding and staff time to support the campaign. In addition, Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center is engaging with the campaign and providing support with fundraising and expansion. If you would like to make a donation to the #ZeroReasonsWhy Campaign, the best way is to donate through FJCMHC, and you can do so online here at https://friendsofjcmhc.org, or you can send a check here: Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center, ATTN: #ZeroReasonsWhy, 6000 Lamar Ave, Suite 130, Mission, KS 66202. (Thank you!)

WHO IS INVOLVED? The #ZRW Campaign is teen-led, and together with the community, a comprehensive Community Strategic Plan has been created. The #ZRW Teens developed the 3 Priorities contained within this plan, as well as many of the supporting initiatives and suggested tactics. Between Fall 2018 and Fall 2019, strategic initiatives and supporting tactics were jointly developed by teens, parents, educators, health professionals, county and city government officials, faith-based representatives, as well as mental health non-profits and advocates. The plan was reviewed at a county-wide community symposium in April 2019, then presented to the #ZeroReasonsWhy Teen Council for final approval and prioritization.

WHAT DOES THIS PORTAL DO? This #ZRW Portal is open to all those who care about and who are working in the mental health space in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The campaign continues to make strong inroads to help Student Ambassadors, Parent Advocates, Educator Representatives, Counselor Champions, and community members come together to remove the reasons why suicide would be an option for any teen. The Community Strategic Plan is the main superhighway for this work, and this Portal serves as a shared workspace, with onramps to planning, implementing, and deploying the initiatives and tactics of the #ZRW Community Strategic Plan.

The #ZeroReasonsWhy Campaign is growing quickly to include support from teens from across the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area and beyond.

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